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Spa Extras

Color for fun

1.    Simple Bath  

Short hair  $25.00

Long Hair  $28.00

2.   Comfort Bath

Short hair  $29.00 

Long hair   $35.00

Includes warm hydro bath, blow dry by hand, brushing, ears cleaned, nails clipped.

3.    Tidy up  -  $40.00

Includes warm hydro bath,  Nagayu Rinse, blow dry by hand, ears cleaned, nails clipped and a sanitary trim.

4.    Full Groom Starting at $60.00
Includes warm hydro  bath, Nagayu Rinse, blow dry by hand, ears cleaned, nails trimmed and styled to your liking.

5.   The Royal Treatment -  $77.00

Includes warm hydro bath, Nagayu Rinse,  Blueberry facial, Paw treatment,

Mini Micro bubble bath, Ears cleaned,Nails clipped and filed,and styled to your liking.

Nagayu Soak  -  $20.00

Help's with Dry skin, Hot spots Skin irritation 

15 min soak.

Asian Fusion styling  $67.00

Dematting - Starting at $20.00

Matted coats can be a serious matter. Sometimes, if the severity of the matting

is bad but not too extreme we may be able to brush and "demat" a dog's coat. This will incur an additional "dematting" fee to the grooming. Sometimes the matting is too severe and the only option would be to shave the matts off.  If your pet need dematting, we will require the owner to sign a "Matting Release Form."

Blueberry Facial  $6.00


Paw Treatment $8.00

Milky Micro Bubble Bath $42.00


Medicated Bath $8.00

Lavender  Bubble Bath     $12.00


Add a  little color to your pets life!

Grooming Room

Adorable Cute Pomeranian Young Puppy Tak

Emergency after hour groom's $25.00 plus the package price. This does not include de- matting.



Your pet's personal


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